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XF-288 Heavy capacity twister

Production Features:
>>Numerical electric control system.
>>Meet customer’s requirement of single spindle and large package.
>>Wide application of processing materials. Apply for all kinds of coarse yarn,such as polyester, polyamide, blended yarn with wool and cotton, glass fiber and so on.

>>Automation control. Optimize the electrical control system. Control the spindles, winding and yarn guiding mechanism with high-accuracy. Set andmonitor the main technical parameters such as spindle speed and twist on thepanel. Achieve the changing of wi

Running smoothly.
Servo-motor drive the yarn guide traverse. By directconnecting of flexible coupling and ball screw and positive inversion of motorto guarantee the positioning accuracy and the traverse motion of guide rod.
1)Touch screen setting process parameters, improve production efficiency
2)Traverse servo motor transmission and nice winding shaping.
3)Various forming mode to satisfy different yarn shaping demands of clients.
4)Compact design, can reduce cover an area of more than 10%
5) Thesingle spindle with indicator light for reminding the yarn broken .